How can we help you?

      Getting Your Account

    • How can I register?

      Becoming a yoma car share member is easy. Simply sign up at
      We’ll process your registration within 10 minutes within office hour, and you’ll receive confirmation emails from us along the way. For more information, click here!

    • Can I share my account?

      Unfortunately, you can’t. We approve each member individually for insurance purposes.
      If you know someone who wants to use yoma car share, please have them register and drive using their own account.

    • What is Tap Card?

      Tap Card is RFID card that allow our customer to reserve car share vehicle, unlock door and start engine.

    • Do you supply drivers?

      No we do not. We are focused on self-drive for self-driven.

    • Can I drive with my International Driver's License?

      Yes, we do. If you have an international driving permit along with your local driving license, please upload
      - images of the front and back of your driving license and
      - license card number and expiration date
      Or if you have ASEAN Driver’s License, you can drive in Myanmar even without International Driving Permit.

      Booking a Car

    • When can I start reserve and use Yoma Car Share ?

      You will receive Tap Card by post within 48 hours after your registration has been confirmed. Or you can also register and get your Tap Card at one of our office around the regions.

    • Can I make a reservation on the website?

      Of Course. To reserve a vehicle, you can search the available vehicle in FIND A CAR page on the website. And then, you can continue the reservation process.

    • What type of car can I reserve?

      We have an assortment of vehicles ranging in class from Economy to commercial vehicle, with availability various rental hubs nationwide.

    • How long can I make a reservation for?

      Reservations can be as short as one hour.
      Maximum reservation length is typically one month. If you need a car longer than one month, give us a call to our hotline numbers 09YOMAFLEET (09966235338).

    • What is the reservation Cancellation Policy?

      To make our customer happy, it will be NO COST for cancel your reservation 15 minute before booking time. However, if you do not pick up your vehicle within 1 hour from your booking time, it will be cancelled automatically and you will be informed accordingly.

      Pick-up & Return

    • Where are the vehicles located?

      Vehicles are parked at our yoma car share rental hubs. Locations vary by city. See our locations on the map of HOME Page.

    • How do I know which vehicle is to pick up for my reservation?

      You will receive a “Ready to Pick-up” email with the Vehicle License Plate Number for reservation. From that point, you can also check this information from your account on our web or mobile app.

    • How do I view my recent trips?

      Easy! All recent trip details can be found within the yoma car share website under RESERVATION page. You will need to log on to your account.

    • How do I get started?
      • Before you start the engine at the commencement of the rental, please check for any damage on the vehicle inside and out. If you find any damage please report it by calling our hotline number on your Tap Card (09 YOMAFLEET) or via the reservation portal.
      • Upon unlocking the vehicle the engine can be started within 30 seconds. If the period exceeds 30 seconds, hold your Tap Card on the reader again (on the inside) to reset to allow the engine to start.
      • If your car with is fitted with a conventional key, you will find it attached to a string near the steering wheel.
      • If for any reason any the functions are not working, please give us a call on number that you find on your Tap Card (09 YOMAFLEET).
    • What happens if I need to return the vehicle early?

      You can return the vehicle any time at our rental hubs, without any additional charge. Please note that rental rate may be calculated upon your actual rent period.

    • What happens if I need to return the vehicle late?

      It will be subject to late return fee in hourly rate. You can avoid the late fee by extend your reservation before the vehicle return time.

    • What should I do if I want to extend my booking?
      • You can extend your reservation by logging onto your account.
      • You will be required to log in with your User Name and Password find the current reservation.
      • Within your current reservation, locate the “Extend Trip” button and extend as long as you like (up to 30 days total).
      • Please note that an extension fee may apply.
    • How do I return the vehicle?
      • Please top up the fuel in the vehicle if the tank is at ¼ tank or less as a courtesy to the next renter.
      • You must drop the vehicle at one of our Rental Hubs listed on the website.
      • When parked in the Rental Hub, remove all of your trash and personal belongings, ensure all windows are tightly closed, the engine is stopped and the lights are off, and that all the doors are securely closed and locked before your trip ends.
      • Leave the keys inside.
      • Log onto your account on our website and click onto “End Trip” button.
      • Yoma Fleet cannot take any responsible for any forgotten items, as a new renter may immediately take the vehicle.


    • Who is responsible for filling the fuel?

      Customer. Please regularly check the fuel gauge and when it is at or lower than ¼ full, please find the nearest DENKO fuel station to refuel. In the glove box compartment, you will find a Fuel Booklet or Card.

    • Can I claim the fuel receipt?

      Only if in the unlikely event the Fuel Booklet or Card does not work (or a Denko fuel station is not readily available), please pay for the refill and keep the receipt. We will verify and reimburse the bill claimed at time of vehicle return.

      [Other category name]

    • Can you send us a brochure?

      We deliver customized solutions. We do not find it professional or productive to send a brochure that will create more questions than it answers. For a 15 minute meeting at your office please CONTACT US .

    • What type of vehicles are eligible?

      Only brand new vehicles from our listed partners will be eligible for our contract hire solutions. This is to ensure your vehicle(s) will run smoothly as its covered by the manufacturer’s warranty and you won’t have to budget for any wear and tear damages from previous owners.

    • Can I smoke in the car?

      Sharing is caring and many yoma car share members use the vehicles, so please do not smoke inside the car.

    • Can my pet ride with me?

      Pets are allowed to ride in yoma car share vehicles only if they are secured in pet carriers.
      Cleaning charges can be applied if there is fur or any stains left in the vehicle.

    • What is pre-authorization?

      Pre-authorization is not a transaction. It is a temporary hold of a specific amount of the available balance on credit card. Once certain amount has been preauthorized, the credit limit is reduced. Upon completion of the vehicle rental, we will debit your account with the exact amount and release any remaining funds that were preauthorized. Merchants are guaranteed those remaining funds for up to 7 to 30 days, depending on that credit card’s Issuer Bank’s policy.

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